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The Department of YES we CAN

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No Capex Approach!

Our model of operation is simple, we provide you with a service, not sell you a bunch of overpriced hardware you dont need.

Enterprise Solutions For SMB

In the world of today, a business cannot longer afford to run on a home router, serviced by your neighbourhood PC store.

The Department Of Yes!

The times where your IT hindered your business are over… From now on, your IT will be at the front end of it, leading the way.

Who we are

So What makes US different?

Our core goal is to empower Information Technology to drive greater business value while improving operational efficiency…. errmmms … Lets go off the script…. We are NERDS! we love technology, we play with the latest and greatest, not because it is our job, but because it is our life. What others only think of implementing, we had already done so many times we can do it in our sleep. What you have seen in news… is probably already in our lab for few weeks, and what you think as un-achievable and expensive… just ask us, i am sure we can prove you wrong.

What we do

Lose the stress and concentrate on what matters most – growing your business


Although adopting cloud solutions may seem intimidating , it is important to understand that the cloud is just a flexible, innovative service delivery mechanism. We can help you architect the cloud strategy that is right for you: one that targets – and achieves – the business improvements your company wants.

Network Infrastructure

From Highly Available networks to Enterprise Scalable Wireless solutions, Data Center migrations and fully meshed WANs connecting multiple branches. We are the subject-matter experts with years of experience and plethora of tools to make sure you can access your data from anywhere and any time.

IT Security

We go well beyond the alarm bells of typical security software by providing reliable, proactive advice and analysis based on experience and continual training. To reduce the likelihood of a breach, our specialists will identify and close gaps in your company’s security posture, taking into account the efficiency your business processes require.

Disaster Recovery

Every business wants to protect its operations from downtime and the loss of data. Anything that can put your business’ operations at risk, such as cyber-attacks, equipment failures, and natural disasters are reasons for having a disaster recovery plan in place. Disaster can strike in unexpected forms, and it is important to be prepared with a plan that involves data backup.